There is a great deal of science behind glass blowing.

Today I am writing this content for those who are interested in getting into the glass blowing arena. Now some of you might be making this just a simple hobby. Some of you might be looking to get more involved with it from a career standpoint. It’d the career kids I wish to specifically talk to.

Most glass blowers spend a good 5-10 years in the science field. This is why I said in the beginning there is a science behind it. The background of it all starts with science. It’s not just the schooling that these apprentices get behind. There is also the apprenticeship itself. Many glass blowers spend a few years under the guidance of other blowers.

An apprenticeship can be a very good thing to have under your belt. If you have something at the school, I suggest looking into it. If there is a program nearby, I suggest looking at that as well.


There are only a few main objectives with glass blowing.

    –Acquiring the basic knowledge and experience. Most glass blowers do not just stumble in to this field. There is a great deal of experience and knowledge that must be learned along the way. Point of interest, most glass blowers spend their whole lives continuing their education.

    –Repairing the systems and the glass objects. It’s not enough to know how to put a glass object together, Glass blowers must learn how to take the object a part and put it back together. Glass blowers must learn about all types of glass systems, not just the ones they are putting together. This is the essence of glass blowing in general. It tends to be very time consuming, without a very bug financial payoff. Glass blowing is only for those who really do enjoy doing it. If this is going to be a full-time thing, you really need to make it more than just a hobby. It has to become a passion.


Burns and cuts can be and should be expected with this art. How much bruising can be counted on? It all depends on how involved the person really is. It’s important to note the idea of keeping things clean. The work space always has to be clean.
It’s a good idea to know where the exits are in your work space. You need to know where the fire alarms are. You need to know where the emergency and safety kits are located. The movies make it look glamorous. What the movies leave out is the technical and safety side of it. Truth be told, this is probably the most important factor in glass blowing.

You must also adhere to state and federal guidelines when it comes to the profession of glass blowing. To get more information go online today.