The one thing that everybody would agree upon as a very important factor of with health centers is communication. How would you imagine health centers would operate without sophisticated communication systems in their centers? It would be absolutely difficult to go about it because you can imagine a physician going from department to department trying to look for the patient’s files. For this case thus, there has been the need for health centers to up their game of communication within the health institution to be in accordance with the moving technology. As such, companies like MedTunnel offer free services to communicate and exchange private medical/healthcare information in a very secure manner, complying with HIPAA regulations.


This has highly been embraced by centers that are HIPAA compliant. It should be noted that however much these improvement in communication have brought about positive changes in health centers, there also has been a cause for them to worry about. It is a common thing that everything positive doesn’t miss shreds of negativity and so does improvement in HIPAA compliant center communication. Their main problem of concern is on issue of privacy. These technologies have tended to be smaller and as such they have been mad easier to operate such that even a lower school kid can operate it. The problem with that is not the ease of operation; the problem is the question of how safe is the information stored in there normally the health records of the patients against the glare of an undesired third eye? This article seeks to take you through the problems with this technology, their benefits and the problems on remedying these problems.

Some of the challenges that came along with this method

Like have been discussed, the main issue of concern that came with these improvements of technologies in terms of communication is the issue of the patients’ privacy. To what extent do you believe that the messages about the patients’ privacy being sent from one doctor to another private? In the first case, we are not even aware whether it is the intended person reading the message or not.


Secondly, we could wrongly send information to someone else accidentally and what happens is that basically the details of the patient’s health record are spilled out the public. It is a very bad thing to be considering the fact that our health problems should basically be kept between patients and the doctors who are attending to them. There is, of course, the issue of hacking. One could intentionally hack the system and acquire this information. On the other hand, normal human mistakes like forgetfulness which could make one forget their phone at the office and the information is unduly leaked.