Glass blowing is a very precise art form. Everything has to be done at the right moment. It’s a process. Do something at the wrong moment, everything gets thrown out of wack.

Today we will be speaking about cutting the glass. This is also a process that is very precise.

Every glass tube or rod comes in 4 foot lengths. This needs to be cut down a bit more. Why? It gets rather hard to handle in the flames. It needs to be something a little less awkward. The tube needs to be about 10 mm OD. Make sure you mark the tube or rod at every 16 inch mark. It also needs to be flat.

When you create the scratch it needs to be about 1/8 inches long. It can’t be any bigger. Just create a simple scratch. Never saw the tube. This is a big no-no. Some feel that sawing the tube during the cutting process will make it easier. I am here to tell you it will not. In fact, it will make it a bit harder to get the desired result at the end.

When creating the scratch, you have a few options available.

    1)You can draw the corner of a file on the tube.

    2)You can wet the tube with your mouth or water. Place your thumb and finger on the tube and push away. It should break at the scratch.

    3)You can wet the tube where the knife scratch is. Heat the tube and it should work.

If this sounds confusing, I do apologize. It is confusing for most beginners. Sometimes it’s good to have someone experienced with you to help you out with this.

You can also Google some other helpful hints at the link below. You will get there. It just takes time.